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Master Bedroom Dreams

The first time I walked into our room, I fell in love with the vaulted ceiling. I envisioned the exact chandelier I wanted hanging in the middle of our room.

Room 2x4

The funny thing, as I’ve said before, when a home is mid-construction it’s hard to conceptualize the actual size. My husband and I both thought this room was going to barley be able to fit our bed. We were way off as we still don’t have enough furniture to decorate our room…but it’s funny when you’re in an unfinished space. It’s hard to know how it’s going to come together.

Closet 2x4

I did know this was going to be one epic master closet though…and I immediately envisioned barn doors as you entered.

Room DrywallCloset DrywallHere are both the master and master closet with drywall. It’s amazing how much drywall changes a space and starts to make it feel like a room.

Barn Door Inspiration

<Source: Fixer Upper>

This was my inspiration picture for our barn doors. From a design perspective, having an inspiration is a great place to start as you pull a room together. Having this image, our wood maker knew exactly what I wanted and created beautiful barn doors for us. But let’s be real, these were my babies!

IMG_8453Here they are mid-build. Look at that wood. Reclaimed wood is my absolute favorite!
AnyasHouse-51 And here they are. These are hands down one of my favorite parts of our room. They are a statement piece and so beautiful. I chose not to put handles on them for two reasons, we rarely close these doors, but more importantly I didn’t want anything sticking out for us to run into. Design aesthetics should work for you and what best fits your space.

AnyasHouse-52Our master closet. I’d love to change our drawer pulls to gold. I’d actually love a cup style, like these. My hubby is not totally on board and since we share this space, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pull.

il_fullxfull.958253002_ny5cWhat we do agree on is that we want this amazing cowhide ottoman centered directly under that chandelier on a square rug. Isn’t it amazing? It’s got so much character and charm, I think it’d make such a fun unexpected pop of eclectic.

AnyasHouse-46 copyAnyasHouse-47 copy6C0052FE-89AA-4BA0-BCD6-116AF2148D7A759274B0-F2E6-405A-9338-898E6E7242FF

This beautiful Mission Chair was handmade by my husbands Great-Grandfather. For both of us, having pieces of our heritage in our home is so deeply meaningful. We love the story behind furniture and decor. It gives our home such a personal touch and invites great conversation.
AnyasHouse-48We found this bed at the Restoration Hardware outlet over seven years ago. It is hands down one of my favorite furniture purchases ever. This bed is close to $3000 retail…we got it for $500 because we purchased it during a sale. And I love it even more as it gets more knicks and dings, it adds to the character. The couch at the end of our bed was found very inexpensively at a consignment store. Garage and Estate sales are great places to find good deals, or going to consignment stores when they’re having big sales.

Hope you enjoyed a tour of our retreat space. We loved watching this room come together.



St. James Panel Bed in Antiqued Coffee | Drapes <in Charcoal> | Wreath | Lamps, Home Goods | Master Closet Chandelier| Master Bedroom ChandelierCustom Barn Doors <Note: These barn doors are custom. While Urban Reclamations won’t build these exact doors, they have many doors to choose from.>