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In January of 2015, after each of our family members has spent years struggling with stomach issues we decided to go ‘Paleo’. There are about a billion ideas and opinions of what eating Paleo should look like. For our family it means we eat a lot of grass-fed meat (and a fair amount of sugar-free bacon), veggies, nuts (except peanuts) and fruit. I cook. A lot. And I love it, because I’ve seen first hand how much better each member of our family feels. I’m 98% certain our son was meant to be born during the Cave-man era given his sweet little system has a hard time processing anything that is not ‘real’ food. It’s a lot of work (some people try to tell you it’s not – I respectfully disagree). For us it is so very worth it, and delicious too!

I use my slowcooker a few times a week, my food processor is also a staple. I try to make a whole batch of items we eat a lot, usually breakfast items (muffins, pancakes, bacon) so I can quickly heat it up in the morning. With a little guy who can’t eat eggs, breakfast is still our biggest struggle.

Here are a whole slew of my favorite recipes. If there isn’t a link, it’s something I’ve created myself. I hope you enjoy. I’d love to know what you, and your family, think if you make any of these delicious dishes.

Civilized Caveman Cooking is hands-down my go-to site for recipes. He is so creative with his food…and he loves bacon. Win+Win! (Please note the muffin, smoothie and stuffed sweet potato images are from his site…I will be updating them soon)

I am currently working out the best way to set this section up, so bear with me as I figure out the most user friendly way to link you to all kinds of delicious food!!