Office » Heart That Built Me


Our office is one of the first rooms you see as you enter our home. It has beautiful french doors and wainscoting – I normally don’t like wood color (white is my favorite), but in the office it works so well. My main goal was to figure out how to marry sports memorabilia  with vintage style. The pieces we put in here reflect that well, and also allow the plethora of sports memorabilia to be displayed easily. Anya-6Anya-5That jersey is one of my shinning moments as a wife – for my husbands 30th birthday I found an authentic autographed jersey from his favorite Seahawks player and had an etched case made (along with his parents…but I found the jersey. Just sayin’). It was truly an ‘awesome wife’ moment for me, I was really pleased with myself because he was SO excited. 🙂  And I love that it hangs proudly on the wall. We had searched for a long time for just the ‘right’ desk. Vintage trunks are one of our favorite pieces, so when we found this desk it was a match made in haven. It’s totally functional and it just looks so unique!! We really love how it works in here. When we replaced our carpet, we put a very low pile carpet in this room (we would’ve loved hardwoods!) to make it easy for the chair to roll on. It works very well with the room.


This room has very high ceilings, so we needed a bookshelf that filled the space well. The windows on the opposite side of the room go almost to the ceiling so they balance each other out.

Desk / Bookshelf