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Laundry Room

This is the one room in the house we have remodeled (blog post coming soon on before and after). I love how it turned out. Previously the space was not utilized well and there was NO shoe storage – a problem for a family of four!


This room is tiny and has no windows. I wanted to keep the space fairly neutral – white walls and black floor. But wanted a pop of color, so I painted the cabinets with Maison Blanche Chalk Paint (Colette) and added some fun yellow pulls. We are thrilled with how it turned out. Updated pics of the lights will be up soon…we were having a hard time finding something that would work well in this space with such low ceilings. This accordion drying rack has changed my life. I dry a lot of our laundry and this has honestly been one of the best pieces I have ever purchased! The cute LAUNDRY letters just give the room some character.

Laundry Storage

This storage cabinet was a long awaited purchase (we waited so long I was able to get almost $700 knocked off the price – it pays to be persistent about your order people!!). BUT, it was so worth the wait…and my husband is a stud for assembling it and managing to get it in this room. It came in eight (yes, EIGHT) boxes and we had to put the back and top on IN the room after it was assembled. It would’ve been highly comical to watch the process I’ sure.

Mail + KeyThese fantastically cute little boxes house our keys and mail. They are an easy drop as we walk in the door, and we don’t loose our keys anymore!

Laundry FloorThe floor is a porcelain tile – slate is our favorite but we were trying to keep this room on a pretty tight budget and this was a wonderful option. This shot also gives a good angle of our sink which fit perfectly in the space we had.

LaundryThis is just a good reminder!!