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Our kitchen, eating nook and living room are one big open space. It was one of our favorite spaces in the house – the flow is so fantastic! As we all know, people often congregate in the kitchen so during parties or gatherings it’s very easy to move people into the living room. The space was so open, and frankly cold as the walls and ceiling were all ‘flesh’ colored as we referred to them, when we moved in we wanted to do something drastic in this space. We painted the built in white, which completely changed the feel, painted the walls navy and the ceiling white. I also painted the mantel grey, which warmed up the space even more. I LOVE this space.Anya-19There are so many reasons I love this room – the chair on the right by the windows was made by my husbands Great-Grandfather (it’s truly a family heirloom) and our children adore it! The blanket on the back of the chair was made by my beloved Grandma Dorothy. Many of the decorative pieces and items on the builtin are from our families. They are vintage and ALSO come with history – my two favorite things. I am all about words of encouragement and reminders of what’s important to you so we have sayings and art work all over our home that remind us what’s important to us. Lindsay Letters artwork is amazing, and the Hebrews 6:1 Canvas Scripture matches our walls perfectly (totally unintentional, this piece was originally meant for our master).Anya-18Anya-23 Anya-22 ¬†

Anya-60This image is probably the trust representation of the navy on the walls. With enough light, it is really an amazing color (a room with no light would feel too small).

Anya-14If you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll see the barstools fabric doesn’t match. HA! Someday I’ll get around to reupholstering the other one, in the meantime it reminds me we’re all a work in progress. This kitchen is the hub of our home. We spend a lot of hours in here…and a fair amount of clutter ends up on that island. That beautiful orchid was my birthday present from my sweet husband…we’ll see how long I can keep it alive (I tend to kill plants!).

Anya-15Anya-17 SOURCES:
Dining Table Light / Dinging Table Chairs / Counter Lights / Fruit Stand / Couch (Restoration Hardware outlet find years ago) / Pillows + Blanket (no longer averrable, but I love this one) / Chairs (CraigsList find, they were $25!) / Coffee Table (free – we sanded and stained it) / Burlap Bulletin Board (tutorial coming)