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This is our precious daughters room. A LOT of thought went into this room. I wanted to be very intentional about her space when we moved a little over a year ago as it was a big change…and she does not like change. When I chose the colors, I wanted it to coordinate well with a picture of Elsa, you may have heard of her from this small movie called FROZEN. That picture is what I built the room around.

Kylia's RoomBedThese are all the stuffed animal she sleeps with every night. It’s a good thing she’s got a full size bed! Her nightstand was a gift from my in-laws, the dresser was a CraigList find and she made that lamp shade with her Manga (Grandma). The light was meant to remind her of Elsa’s tower. That darling, sparkly K pillow was made by a very creative friend of mine who owns an embroidery business.

Kylia PhotosDollsThese dolls are all from her Manga and the snow globe was given to her when she was born by her Nana. The flowers are from her daddy – the first flowers she ever received. It’s my hope to keep these preserved for her all her life so she always remembers the first man who gave her flowers deeply loved and cherished her.

You AreAlways Remember

As is reflected all over our home, I am BIG on words of truth surrounding us! The One of a Kind canvas was on sale at Target when we moved into our home and I couldn’t believe how perfectly the colors coordinated, and how true those words are. For our daughter’s eighth birthday, I asked those closest to her for a word to describe her. I wanted her to KNOW who people see her as to give her strength in the moments she forgets just how amazing she is. She loved it!
Eli's RoomThis is our John Eli’s room. I chose his wall colors in hopes of easily transitioning this room from a nursery to a little boys room (though I’m clinging to a nursery as long as possible!!). That sweet fabric banner was made by a dear friend of mine for Eli’s shower and it’s hung proudly on his wall ever since. I wanted triangle banners for his name, found these and put them on twine. Perfection! The light, which is hard to see, is a clear shade and gives just the right amount of masculinity to the room despite being a schoolhouse shape. The crib and chair were from our Kylia – we hung onto them for six years in hopes another blessed little one would need them. We’re so thankful God gave us our precious boy – he is truly a miracle boy.

Eli picturesThis gallery wall was purposely thought through. The three football pictures from left – his grandpa John (one of his namesakes) who is a Hall of Fame player at the University of Wyoming, his Papa Greg who played at Boise State and his daddy – JohnE. A sweet friend of mine created his life verse and birthday stats into artwork. These are precious and I love them. The E was where I started and crated the gallery from there. And a shout out to Pottery Barn Kids, that white diaper caddy has survived NINE years and is still fully intact. That’s impressive!Prayed John'sThe art print is another Jones Design Company beautiful creation…and deeply true of our boy who was four-years in the making. It is a very important reminder to me daily. The photos are the three John’s our John Eli is named after. From left (clock-wise), JohnE (my husband) as a baby, John Lawrence (JohnE’s Poppy), John (my beloved grandfather who was an incredible athlete and immigrant to this country) and the bottom is our precious John Eli. His name was thoughtfully and prayerfully chosen. We did not chose the name ‘John’ in the hopes he would emulate any of the John’s he is named after, we want him to be his own person. But we did want him to remember the deep and rich heritage he comes from and a lineage of amazing men!