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This room is my happy place because it serves multiple purposes. My desk ‘nook’ was the perfect space for a craft desk. Above it hangs shelves made of wood from my husband’s Grandfathers meat packing plant and my husband built the shelves. It’s a room that deeply reflects so many things that are important to me.

Anya-40The ‘wall-paper’ is actually extra large wrapping paper from Paper Source (one of my favorite stores on the PLANET!). The items that fill the shelves are each deeply meaningful to me.

Anya-41 Anya-42The doll was my beloved grandmothers, pictured next to the doll. The dried flowers are the very first flowers my husband ever gave me from our very first date (they have weathered multiple moves and storage amazingly well!!). The Italian/English Dictionary was my grandfathers when he immigrated here as a young boy. And those darling little hand prints belong to our precious daughter. Having them frozen in time in a treasure to me!

Anya-39Desk That’s a picture of my beautiful mama, it’s waiting for a frame.

Anya-36I am a big believer in changing out light fixtures to give a room character. This fixture may be one of my favorites in our house (I cannot remember for the life of me where we got it, which is a bummer!!). The painting next to the window was painted by my beloved grandma Dorothy – I love that her fingerprints are all over our home. She was an incredibly impactful influence on my life and it brings me great joy to feel her in our home!

Bed Frame / Quilt (the grey is no longer available, but this is the quilt) / Pillow Shams (part of the Target Duvet package from our Master) / Desk (painted by a very talented friend of mine who moved/sad) / Chevron Boxes