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Dining Room

Hosting friends and family around our table and sharing a meal together is something we throughly enjoy. Cooking is something our family does together often, so gathering with those who matter most to us is so important.


We purchased this table+chairs+bench  at our old home and it was a perfect fit for our open layout. When we moved into this home, we were thrilled it would work well in the <formal> dining room (I’m not a big formal person, but it is ‘technically’ the correct term). We had this same light at our old house too, so it’s like we recreated the design in a new space and we are so happy with how it turned out. The paintings on the right are from a date night my husband and I went on at CANVAS!. It was seriously one of our funnest dates, and our painting so reflected our personalities we had to find a place for them. This room is very neutral and I love how it brings some color in. The silver tray in front of the paintings is from my grandmother and sits onto of our china hutch, filled with china also from my dear grandmother. I love having a center-piece on tables, but we also have 10 tiny fingers that belong to our fantastic tornado so for this season of life a distressed planter sits in the middle but for a little texture.



This table is not finished wood, which is one of the reasons we chose it! There are stains and memories of meals shared. It actually shocked my husband I was totally ok with this – you can seal these tables with a coast of poly. Instead we put a clear coat was on it to help protect it a little…but I also wanted it to show life. It certainly does!


Table + Center Chairs + End Chairs / Light / Blue Side Console found at a garage sale / China Hutch (Lucky Home)