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Common Areas

Love IsThis piece is so meaningful to me for many reasons. It was a Christmas gift from my husband. This Scripture was also from our wedding, which has held SO very true in our years of marriage. It’s right at the bottom of our stairs, so I look at it multiple times a day and try to take it in each time. It’s a beautiful reminder of what I want my love to be to those dearest to me. Love indeed is… As I have mentioned before, words and reminders of our values are so important to me to see multiple times a day. It slows my crazy busy mind to remember and hold dear who I am and who it is I desire to be.

Grandma & Grandpa

RingsThis is my grandparents wedding photo and it is a treasure of mine. It hangs proudly in our entry hallway so anyone who comes into our home sees it. My Grandpa John is one of the John’s our precious John Eli is named after. And my Grandma Dorothy is one of the strongest women I’ve ever known. My uncles gifted me with their wedding rings last year and I knew I had to do something special with them. I truly love this picture – I remember it from when I was a very little girl and it brings me great comfort.

Front RoomFront RoomThis is our front room – some refer to it as a formal living room. We had grand ideas to paint the back wall black and the surrounding walls white with beautiful snow white furniture and a large area rug. Then we remembered that we have very young children and decided it should be a playroom instead. And yes, that is an enormously large box turned into a playhouse in the corner. The beautiful piano was my husband’s grandmothers and the potbelly stove my in-laws got years and year ago in a random road trip. The beautiful steamer trunk traveled across the country with my husbands family. We are SO thankful for these beautiful pieces of our heritage, that also work so well in this family friendly room. The clock on the mantel was a gift for my 30th birthday from my mother-in-law. I’ve thought a few times about painting it, but have decided it’s perfect just as it is. This room is a beautiful reminder that our home is a ‘kid’ home. Someday we’ll have a black and white formal living room, today we have a room with a large playhouse box and it’s AMAZING!

HOMECalendarThis is the hallway between our garage and living room. This light and calendar give this normally wasted space a little personality.

Powder Room

This is our downstairs powder room. It’s pretty tiny and had zero character. I found these two shelves to add some decor to the small room. The Greatest Is Love prints is one of my favorite – I have a few copies around the house. You can never go wrong with mercury candle holders, mason jars and darling little baskets. The art print reflected in the mirror is a Fruits of the Spirit print by the very talented Jones Design Company (no longer available, but her art prints are fantstic!)ORB

I have wanted this amazing light since we got married years ago. The moment we walked into this house I looked up and my darling husband said, “I know!” with a smile. It was the PERFECT entry for the light I’d been dreaming of for years. And it fits perfectly. I love that the windows at the top of our door allow it to be seen from the street, and our landing at the top of our stairs gives it the perfect setting. I couldn’t have designed a better light! And that darling coat rack was a Christmas present from my husband…he’s a good man people!