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Decorating on a Budget

Phew – the calendar has flipped, the greenery, lights and bustle of the holidays are behind us and we find ourselves in a new year. I don’t know about you, but my head is still spinning a bit. The last five months have passed in a blur of change, challenge, beauty and newness for our family. As I put away our Christmas decorations (small tear…I also realized I never took pictures of everything. Dang!) and was thinking of rearranging decor I decided I was not going to purchase anything new this month. *If you talk to my husband, you’ll know this is a challenge to myself…I have a small pillow/decor obsession. I tell myself it’s ok because shopping is part of my job. HA!

It got me thinking though, I’ve had a lot of conversations with friends and clients who say decorating is expensive. It’s very true, it can be quite costly. And time-consuming for sure! But there are also some great places to find treasures that are very inexpensive. I went to our local Good Will and found some amazing pieces that were all under $20 (except for the beautiful Grandfather Clock that was $60). It’s a good thing I have a mental pact with myself not to buy anything this month…here are some of the items I found.

SIDE NOTE: Sorry for the quality of the pictures. The store is getting ready to move, they weren’t thrilled with me moving stuff and taking pictures so I tried to be quick!

img_1480You really can’t go wrong with stacks of books as decor. These lovelies were less-than $5 each and had a very vintage feel. There were all kinds of book options, I was just drawn to these. For an added touch, you can put an antler on top, or a sprig of fresh greenery. Or nothing. Books are quick and simple!
img_1478 Candle sticks. Oh they’re so pretty…I love the whimsy of mixing styles so none of them match.img_1479These were just fun pieces that would look lovely on kitchen shelves or bookcases. The iron or the bowl could be placed on top of a stack of books. Or the bowl could be used as a planter…I really wanted to take that one home with me. Jones Design Company frequently uses metal bowls as planters and they’re beautiful <her blog is a favorite and huge inspiration of mine>!

img_1487-2 img_1486-2If you have open shelving in your kitchen, mixed glasses and mugs is a great way to add design. Do you spy the black and white striped coffee mugs? I was very proud of myself for not bringing them home with me.

img_1488-2 img_1492-2Wood bowls or metal trays make great display places. You can gather pretty much anything in them. Pinecones and greenery, or use different sized picture frames, or various sized bottles. Basically anything looks great gathered together in try or bowl. As a rule of thumb, I try to use odd numbers of things – at least three. To me odd numbers add more depth.

img_1490-2This beauty was behind a whole bunch of fake flowers. It was $8!! Seriously – this would make a dramatic statement next to a fireplace. Or in an entryway. With some tall grass, or twigs. Or simply on it’s own, it has a lot of personality.

img_1499-2Lamps for days…I’m pretty sure the next time a client needs a light I’m going to come here first. I have a crush on metal right now, so all of these I wanted to bring home.

img_1498-2Isn’t he beautiful?! This would make an impressive statement in an entry or hallway. And it was only $60 (I say only because if you look at these new it’s about 5 times this much!).

img_1481I picked this up and put it back four times. Seriously. It was $4, but out of principal I didn’t get it. I have a feeling I will regret that…IT’S SO COOL!

img_1485-2Ok one last little treasure. Isn’t this awesome – if I didn’t have a vintage sewing machine I would’ve broken my no-buying January pact with myself. This was $10. It would be beautiful in a craft room, a bookshelf or anywhere really.

So that’s my Good Will inspiration tour. If you’re decorating on a budget, I encourage you to go to your local donation store and see what you can find. I’d strongly suggest not taking children with you (if your kids are like mine, patience is not their strongest virtue). 😉 Happy treasure hunting!

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