Breakfast » Heart That Built Me


Breakfast is a challenging meal in our house. Two of the four people in our family can’t eat eggs (sad, I know). We have discovered that duck eggs actually are a great egg substitute. Full disclosure, that FREAKED me out at first but they are actually very good. They have a higher protein content than eggs, so they are a bit fluffier. I’ve found in my baking that it keeps our food moister. So that’s a big go-to for us. Eggs and bacon. If you want to go Paleo, my best suggestion for breakfast is in the prep – the night before decide what you’re going to have and prepare as much of it as you can. We cook bacon in the oven and I always have a fruit for breakfast. Those two are easy, the main-course is what takes a little time.

Bacon – it’s important to make sure you find a bacon that is sugar free. That is not easy to do. Our favorite bacon we’ve found is from PCC and we buy it by the case (seriously, we eat that much bacon). It’s thick-cut and delicious. *To prepare bacon in the oven, preheat oven to 425, line cookie sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil and place wire rack on top. Put bacon directly on rack, cook 15-20 mins, depending on how crunchy like it. I often flip the bacon. So good. So easy to clean up. So delicious.

Flourless chocolate muffins  rival a certain big-box store with AMAZING muffins that are larger than your head and have enough calories for an entire week. These muffins are moist, delicious and filled with incredible ingredients that will give you energy all morning. They’re a staple in our house.

Banana Bread: we have tried a lot of Paleo/Gluten-Free banana bread recipes. This is HANDS DOWN the B E S T – yum!




 This was a super quick and easy sausage scramble. We had chopped veggies in the fridge, so I sautéed some garlic, yellow and orange peppers in avocado oil. Then tossed some (sugar-free) Italian Sausage in. It was delicious, quick and everyone loved it!
Chorizo ScrambleThis is another quick breakfast scramble. Bison Chorizo (yes that’s a thing, and yes it’s delicious!) with onions, red peppers, garlic and kale. I do a weekly food prep and chop a boatload of veggies. It makes tossing ingredients into pan and cooking it super easy. This could easily have egg added to it and scramble it right in the same pan.