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Hallway + Bonus Room

HallwayHomeGalleryThis is our hallway upstairs. I love gallery walls – but I want to redo this gallery wall with floor to ceiling pictures (we have a lot of pictures). It’s on my list of ‘to-do’ projects…maybe it’ll happen someday. Here are my thoughts on galvanized letters – don’t buy the same size!! Hanging those (in the stairwell) was a major labor of love from my incredible husband – laser level, multi-balanced ladder and a few choice words. And now it hangs proudly. Next time, mismatched sizes so it doesn’t have to be level! In the corner of the first picture, you can see a glimpse of the door of my husbands Grandfathers meat packing plant. We have plans for that door – maybe a pantry door someday. It’s so cool to have!

Bonus RoomThis is our bonus room. It is a huge room and incredible space. And it has ZERO personality. Zero. Aside from that massive TV (I’ll give you one guess whose decision that was…and yes, there are a lot of sporting events enjoyed on that screen), there is not really anything in this space we’ve brought in. This room has super high ceilings and SUCH amazing potential. The problem is everything I want to do in here requires a fair amount of $$ (silly Restoration Hardware Outlet closing has really put a damper on our furniture purchases!). But we have plans and a vision.

Bonus TableThis sweet table was built by our kids sweet Papa D and it gets used A LOT! Everyone in our family likes to draw, create and paint – especially our daughter as her special time with her daddy. It’s a sweet scene to see them sitting next to each other deep in concentration on a project, and it’s often centered around something Seahawks (12s for Life!).

Chalkboard Growth Chart / H O M E / Distressed White P / Storage Chest (very old Pottery Barn Kids) /
Couch + Bookshelves (previous owner of our home)