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Hello and welcome – I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Anya and I am the blogger + designer behind Heart that Built Me. I love it when things are orderly and as they ‘should’ be – however, in my world, that does not happen often. Usually there is a dish just shy of the sink and clothes on the floor and sometimes I forget to brush my teeth before we leave for school (gross I know!). But life is messy and beautiful, I am working on remembering that God tells me daily I am messy and beautiful. My desire is that this blog would reflect all of the wonderful, challenging, crazy-making, amazing moments of my life in the most authentic way possible.

I am a precious daughter to a loving King, I am a wife to an incredible man, and mama to two little fantastic, crazy, miraculous, busy beings – Kyila Anne (8) and John Eli (2). Eli is lovingly referred to as our tornado. As I well know, finding peace amongst the chaos of laundry, dishes, groceries, homework and the usual path of destruction that follows our precious little people, can be a tall order. But I deeply believe our home should reflect our hearts, our deepest desire to feel safe and comforted. And be the one place it’s ok to inhale deeply and find rest.

When I was young, my family moved a lot – like three different seventh grades in three different months – a lot. As an adult, I have realized how deeply important HOME is to me. Not only the precious people who make up that home, but also what surrounds me in my home. I have found a deep passion in creating our space to be warm, cozy and thoughtful. It has brought me immense joy to transform our house into a home. Sometimes simple, small touches is all it takes to make a room feel comfortable and inviting. I believe a home should be a place that is beautiful, but it’s also where you do life. And if you have precious kiddos, then you know function is just as important as beauty.

It is my hearts desire to help others find beauty in their ‘mess’ and feel encouraged that your home can be what you desire it to be even in the midst of daily living. My hope is this blog will bring encouragement, humor, truth and easy ideas from food to decorating to parenting. Thanks for stopping by – I’d love to hear from you!!